Who We Are

The OptionScape Group of Companies is an enterprise spread across several companies and continents.

Member companies are:

  • OptionScape USA Inc.  -  Chicago,  USA
  • OptionScape HU KFT - Budapest,  Hungary
  • OptionScape HK P/L - Hong Kong
  • Wingstar Software P/L - Perth, Western Australia

Where We Are Located

The OptionScape Group of Companies is a globally distributed operation with role segregation to take best advantage of resources.

Our Sales and Marketing HQ is in Chicago, our global financial HQ is in Hong Kong, software development is done in Budapest ,Hungary, and our worldwide internal and external IT services are maintained by our dedicated team in Australia.

Media Contact

For media inquiries, please contact:

Ellen G. Resnick
Crystal Clear Communications

Our Story

The OptionScape project was started in 1998 by the founder, Frank Johnson. Following more than a decade of research and development, OptionScape introduced software addressing previously uncharted territories of the mathematics behind the behavior of financial derivatives. The software made its debut with an instructor in 2001 and had its first commercial application in 2009 as an Interactive Brokers Commercial Partner Tool. The OptionScape Group of Companies regularly adds new features and upgrades the technology to ensure OptionScape remains the most comprehensive strategy stress testing tool on the market. 

Merchant ID & Subscription Payments

At present all license fees are collected by Wingstar Software P/L, using eWay as its merchant gateway.

Subscribers receive payment receipts from eMatters.com.au and payments for license fees appear on bank statements as


We endeavor to handle all inquiries in the country of origin, but occasionally we have to escalate issues internationally so we can assign the best person to respond.

Privacy Policy

OptionScape - the software

While using the OptionScape software the program will periodically connect to our server to check for user  license authentication.  The information passed to our server is SSL encrypted, and does not contain personal data.   However, a log of dates/times of authentication and associated IP addresses will be retained for a short period of time in order to allow our system to derive statistical information of the usage of the program.  Once processed the log is periodically purged from our system.

OptionScape Group of Companies

Your trust is our greatest asset.  We take confidentiality seriously.  For transactional and licensing purposes we need to take and retain the following information:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • any additional information you give us on your account management page

We collect, and pass on to www.ematters.com.au, our merchant gateway provider, but do not retain your credit card details.

Our website may place encrypted cookies on your hard drive if you tick "Remember Me" feature at logon.

We do not disclose your details to anyone unless lawfully requested by a recognized law enforcement authority.  We are especially diligent about keeping the clients of trader educators segregated.

If you have any questions or recommendation, please contact us.