The DePaul University Department of Finance is committed to providing students with the skills and tools that are necessary to be successful in the Finance industry. This commitment is manifested at both the graduate and undergraduate level through the Arditti  Center for Risk Management whose mission is to promote excellence in the education, research, and practice of risk management.

There are two graduate programs devoted to preparing the students for careers in Finance: the Masters of Science in Enterprise Risk Management, and the Master of Science in Computational Finance. At the undergraduate level, the Actuarial Science Program prepares students for careers as actuaries, and provides them with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to be become enterprise risk managers.

In the wake of the financial crisis, interest and concern over risk management are at an all-time high. Traditional areas of financial risk management—stress-testing, capital markets, risk appetites and risk profiles—are being re-evaluated and given new importance not only through regulation and internal company strategies, but also through a wider societal unease. Threats like cyber-security penetrate every category of risk—strategic, operational, and financial—and require risk officers to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of disciplines. The Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management degree (MSERM) provides students with the tools necessary to identify and manage the strategic, operational, cyber, and financial risks facing a firm. Graduates of the MSERM program are well equipped to deal proactively with these major risks and protect the value of the enterprise for the stakeholders.

The Master of Science in Computational Finance offers students the opportunity to acquire both the theoretical understanding and the ability to practically implement mathematical financial models. This program differs from a regular MS in Finance because of a stronger mathematical component and the addition of an intensive computational component. The program aims to produce graduates with the required qualifications to become “quantitative financial analysts”.

All of these programs rely on a thorough understanding of financial derivative instruments and how they affect portfolios. The OptionScape software is a key component of the graduate and undergraduate derivatives pricing courses that prepare the students to use financial derivatives as risk management tools. [emphasis added]
OptionScape is proud to be an Academic Partner with the Arditti Center for Risk Management