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RELEASED on Sept. 21 2015

OptionScape Announces Compatibility with Thomson Reuters Eikon

Agreement Represents First Initiative in Major Expansion by OptionScape


CHICAGO, Sept. 21, 2015 – OptionScapeTM, creator of the most versatile educational and strategy modeling tool for exchange-traded options, announced today that its stand-alone software version is now available alongside Thomson Reuters Eikon with full data integration. 

The move gives option traders using Eikon access to OptionScape’s full spectrum of risk analysis and stress testing for their current and prospective strategies.

The agreement with Thomson Reuters represents the first major initiative in OptionScape’s plan to significantly broaden the availability of its tool, beginning this fall.

Said Frank Johnson, Founder and Chairman of the OptionScape Group of Companies: “We’re thrilled to bring our powerful educational and risk analysis tool to users of Thomson Reuters Eikon. This is the first step in our cooperative arrangement with Thomson Reuters, and we look forward to a close partnership for many years to come.” 

Kris Carlson, Global Head of Agriculture and Metals, Thomson Reuters, said:  “OptionScape’s availability alongside Thomson Reuters Eikon will enhance what is available today for our customers.  By drawing on the rich data in Eikon, it will give them a powerful strategy analysis and decision support software tool for exchange-traded options.   The visualizations OptionScape provides and the training with which it backs the product are a great combination to support our customers’ needs.”

OptionScape enables traders to gauge immediately the risks to which they are exposed, not only under current market conditions, but also under a wide range of changing conditions for the life of the strategy related to the underlying price, volatility and time. By conducting the analysis, traders can plan ahead, taking steps to limit losses and maximize profits based on changing conditions.


Proper use of OptionScape can help eliminate uncalculated market risks from option trading, empowering users to take calculated risks according to their risk tolerance or preferred risk-to-reward ratio.  Built with an intuitive user interface, the software provides three-dimensional visualization of the results for any tradable option strategy. For instance, the software can turn a massive amount of raw data – equivalent to 50 million calculations or hundreds of pages – into usable information presented in a few digestible, three-dimensional surface diagrams, with colors indicating “danger zones” for traders and without losing information.


John Dempsey, President of OptionScape USA Inc., said: “We believe that OptionScape will become the new standard for options strategy analysis, and it will play a role in increasing the popularity of options because it’s such an easy way to learn and understand the complexities of options behavior. We’re delighted to partner with Thomson Reuters as well as options educators to put this invaluable tool within reach of new and experienced traders globally.” 


About OptionScape

With a presence on four continents, the OptionScape Group of Companies offers comprehensive, easy-to-use software tools and educational course material to support a wide range of individuals, from new option traders to the most sophisticated global participants in the exchange-traded markets. The software is available as a stand-alone program with subscription-based licensing through commercial partners, and as an integral teaching aid through educational institutions, exchanges and OptionScape certified financial market instructors and trainers. Designed to address challenging concepts as well as options strategy and risk analysis in unprecedented depth, OptionScape can be an indispensable aid for an instructor in helping students understand the many aspects of option evaluation and risk management. Following more than a decade of research and development, OptionScape introduced software addressing previously uncharted territories of the mathematics behind the behavior of financial derivatives. The software made its debut with an instructor in 2001 and had its first commercial application in 2009. The firm regularly adds new features and upgrades the technology to ensure OptionScape remains the most comprehensive strategy stress testing tool on the market.  For more information, visit www.optionscape.com.