OptionScape's Payout Diagram shows the calculated profit/loss for each combination of date, and the input parameters such as implied volatility, market scenario, interest rate, etc. 
Each square on the surface diagram represents the sum of monies paid/received at the time of establishing the strategy plus the calculated liquidation value of the strategy based on input parameters.

Green surface area represent a forecasted profit, and brown areas represent forecasted loss.
The black line represents the market scenario that can be set using the Market Scenario Input Diagram 
Cross hair under the mouse pointer is yellow when it can be moved freely.  Left-click on the surface to lock the cross hair.  When the cross hair is locked it turns pink. Click on the surface again to unlock it.
As you move the cross hair, values pertaining to the selected point of the surface will show in the upper right corner of the diagram.

 The following buttons alter the behaviour of the mouse pointer:

_img28  Rotate mode   _img29 Shift mode   _img30 Magnifying mode    _img31 Depth adjustment mode   _img32 3D/2D toggle

 You can also manipulate the diagram view, and invert the diagram axes:

 _img34 Side view   _img35 Top view   _img36 Invert Market Axis   _img37 Invert Time Axis   _img38 Reset all graphs

Useful trick:
Right click on the diagram and drag the mouse to rotate the 3D diagram in when the mouse is in pointer mode.