Account management, fees and balance

# Article Title
1 What are your customer support hours?
2 What happens if I forget my password?
3 Can I have more than one data access subscriptions?
4 Can I use OptionScape on more than one devices?
5 Are there any monthly/annual fees for OptionScape?
6 When are licence fees issued?
7 Where can I see my balance/expiry date in my account?
8 How do I open an account with OptionScape?
9 What do I need in order to open an account with OptionScape?
10 How do I open an account offline?
11 When do I get my credentials?
12 Can my company or organization open an account with OptionScape?
13 Are there any restrictions for registered accounts?
14 What’s the fastest way to open an account?
15 How long does it take to open an OptionScape account?
16 How do I find out the status of my account application?
17 Can non-U.S. citizens open accounts with OptionScape?
18 I have paid the license fee. When can I start to use the software?
19 Where can I find the offline account forms?
20 Where can I find the OptionScape end-user licence agreement?
21 I have entered incorrect information on my Account. How can I make changes?
22 How do I change my password?
23 How can I access my account statement?
24 Can I access past account statements?
25 Can I speak to a live person?
26 How can I view and manage my account?
27 Where can I learn more about your software?
28 How do I check the status of my order?
29 Where can I see my payment history in my account?
30 What are your standard accounts?
31 What types of accounts does OptionScape offer?
32 If I already have an OptionScape account, can I use an additional market data source with OptionScape?